Very Important- Meherabad

Presently people have to cross the railway track for going from lower Meherabad to the Samadhi. Railway authorities discourage this fearing and accident. Several times in the past they have tried to put up obstacles like steel girders to discourage people from crossing the track. In the not to distant future the track will be doubled. Old people will find it difficult to cross the track. From a long time we have been trying to get permission from the railway authorities to build a private pedestrian underpass. Permission wasn’t coming and cost too was very high. With efforts of several Baba lovers permission is now received and cost estimate was also reduced by 20%. We have signed the necessary agreement with the Indian railway dept. This project cost will be a little over Rs. 80 lakh. This amount is being deposited with the railway dept. The underpass will be built a little to the North of the present pathway. Special contributions from Baba lovers for this project are most welcome.
Sridhar Kelkar, Chairman AMBPPCT, Ahmednagar.
Source- Watsapp

Please circulate the above message to all your Baba Lover friends and centres through watsapp and Facebook . Also do donate generously,It will not only help us but also our future generation of pilgrims.

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