Tentative Program Uttarkashi


Prem Sammelan of Meher Baba’s lovers:

Uttarkashi , 9 to 11 April 2013 .

Venue : Kalikamliwala Dharmshala,Uttarkashi

Avatar Meher Baba’s advent in this age has one unique feature connected with His Mast(avadhoot) contacts. Sixty five years back in 1948,Baba undertook a most strenuous foot journey from Tehri to Uttarkashi and carried out His universal work.To commemorate this journey and to be in communion with Him in the sacred and beautiful Himalayan landscape, this sahavas has been organized.


9-4-13 Tuesday Arrival from Rishikesh


6 -8 PM Bhajans , Prayers and Arti

10-4-13 Wednesday

7 AM Prayers and Arti

8 AM Breakfast

9AM Bhajans from various centres

10AM Baba’s Mast contacts and details of Masts

11AM Bhajans –Dehradun and other centres

12Noon Speeches

1PM Lunch break

4-6PM Bhajans and speeches

6.30PM Gathering at Birla Dharamshala

7-8 PM Bhajans,prayers and Arti






11-4-13 Thursday

7AM Prayers and Arti

7.30 to 9.30 AM Prabhat Pheri(Nagar sankirtan) upto Tiolt village where Baba contacted a unique mast, Vishnu Datt Digambar on 11 Apr 1948

11 AM Mast contacts at Uttarkashi and Uttarakhand

12 Noon Bhajans

12.30Pm speeches

1PM Arti

Lunch break

4-5 Pm Bhajans from Various centres

5 PM Speeches

6Pm Bhajans

7-8 PM cultural programmes,Bhajans and Prayer and Arti


12-4-13 Friday

7AM Arti and Prayers

7.30 Return Journey to Rishikesh





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