meher dham

Meher Dham on 24th feb
Meher Dham on 24th feb

Among tens and thousands of names of Abodes and ashrams ,Mathas,Monastries, Centres,Circles andshrines that crowd the columns of history ,the Name of MEHER DHAM(Dehradun) stands alone at the Altar of AVTARIC GLORY .

Such a DHAM (Abode) is situated in the heart of Dehradun,quite a beautiful city named after Dronacharya ,the ever Adorable figure of Mahabharat Fame. Here the great Rishi practised severe penance(Tapasya) and obtained Siddhithrough the Divine Grace of Lord Shiva .

More than 5000 years thereafter,in the middle of twentieth century ,a wonderful Era of the “Endless New Life” was quietlyinnaugrated by Monavatar Meher Baba at DEHRADUN. When the spiritual Sun rose silently in the Himalayan sky to bless

the people of the Land with with Bliss of his FIRST Public Darshan on 23rd March ,1953 and in order to keep the happy

memory of that Sacred Ocassion aglow ,MEHERDHAM was constructed and established on 23rd March ,1964.

Src: A Short Historical Survey of MEHERDHAM

Meher BABA
Meher Dham Dehradun