New Life Celebration at Meher Maafi, Dehradun

Meher Baba New life celebration will be on 16 october 2019 at Meher Maafi , Dehradun.

Guest on the occasion – Shri Kamakoty Krishnamoorthy from Mumbai will be present on this occasion.

All are cordially invited on this day to celebrate and feel the divinity of Beloved Almighty Avatar Meher Baba. Baba spent his New Life phase most of in Dehradun at Meher Maafi.

Meheru and Mehera with Don Stevens

  • Meheru: Before October 16, 1949, those who were to go to Bombay and Poona had left. On October 16th the New Life began. Baba had said that those who were to share it with him were always to be cheerful and not give way to anger or moodiness, no matter what the circumstance. We were to obey Baba implicitly, without hesitation. We should be very careful never to disturb Baba’s mood. Those who were not prepared to do this should not go into the New Life with Baba. Early on October 16th, while it was still dark, a car driven by Sarosh came to fetch us at Meherazad. The men mandali were picked up, I believe, at Meherabad by a bus.

Don: Meheru, may I ask you a little more about showing any moods during the New Life? Eruch told two or three stories about the complications experienced in this regard, especially one about Daulat Singh read more

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