Aligarh – Meher Palace

 Aligarh 2nd Oct 2014,

Annual Programme of Meher Baba in continuation was organised by Mr H.S. Yadav and

family at their premises in MEHER PALACE.

Baba lovers from Dehradun ,Delhi, Lucknow , Kanpur , Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra gathered in this celebration.

Program was started with Registration of baba lovers . Registration counter was set  up recording information and nomination for any activity , Mementos of meher baba was also given after registration of baba lovers.

Beautiful Darbar of Meher Baba was decorated with flowers, trees and lightning .

Programme started at 10 am with Aarti and Prayer of Meher Baba. Bhajans sung by  Aligarh, Dehradun, Lucknow, Kanpur . Shri Ubaale and Party sung popular bhajans and ghazals(Nagpur).

Poems and Songs was recited by Children. qawwali and Ghazals of Meher Baba made the atmosphere sufi .Qawaali were also there ,after lunch some talks were also there .

In the Evening  Bhajans and Ghazals sung  by  Shri. Ubaale and Party till  7pm.
After Aarti and Prayer of Meher Baba programme was ended by dinner and Prasad distribution.


Some of the glimpses of Aligarh

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