2015 updated Mehera-Meher- pdf digital edition now available

Announcing the new 2015 revised pdf edition of MEHERA-MEHER for PC, Mac, iPad, & Kindle

The new edition – which is completely searchable – includes:
– Many small corrections and additions
– New quotes from letters from Mehera, Mani, Goher and Eruch
– 85 new sidenotes
– A few new photos
– More books & films that Baba saw

Set of three pdf volumes available for $24.95 from:
Sheriar Books
Meher Nazar Publications

(Those who have already purchased a digital edition can avail of a free update.)

From the new edition:
Once at Upper Meherabad, Baba gave the women this simile about holding on to his daaman: “You must stick as close as you can to me or you may find yourselves falling off – like raindrops on an open umbrella that is twirled round. Those that are furthest away are shaken off; those that are really close [to the center] are unmoved. You all love me greatly for you ‘stick on’ [despite the ‘twirling’]. I love you more, for I hold you to me.”

August 1959: After returning from Poona, Baba was able to come and go from mandali hall alone. As Mehera wrote to one of the Westerners, “Sometimes, Baba likes to give us a surprise, too. For example, we were at lunch one afternoon when suddenly we were startled with happy surprise to see Beloved appear in the doorway from the kitchen all alone and wearing a sun hat. He looked very sweet and had anaughty twinkle in his eyes.”

January 1969: About those final days, Goher related: “We had to hold Baba all the time, because the spasms were so strong we were afraid he would injure himself. We used to hold Baba’s arms and legs so he wouldn’t break a bone. It was terrible. We didn’t want to disturb Baba because we knew he was in so much pain. As a doctor, I wanted to know [about it]. But Baba was in silence and he was suffering so much, how could I get a history from him?
“But once I asked Baba, ‘Baba, what happens to you actually?’ Pointing to his back, Baba said, ‘It starts here, in the spine.’ The jolts would start in the spine and were so painful. They would spread over the whole body, and he would get these terrific spasms. And we would hold Baba very gently. Allow the spasms to pass. Otherwise, if you held Baba tightly and a spasm occurred, you might break a bone.”

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