Nan Umbriger LIVE ON youtube Sunday 11-02-2018 Morning

This Message is shared by Fida Shaw– PUNE

Dear all pls read and share this link as our Beloved Nan Aunty is going to be talking LIVE tomorrow 11 th of Feb 2018, Sunday morning.Please read the below e-mail and click on the link . Do go ahead and share it to all your friends family and groups so that Avatar Meher Baba’s message spreads far and wide.

Originating from Meherabad, India

However, this week we will take this broadcast live to the home of Nan Umbriger, who

lives in Pune.  Pune is where Meher Baba was born, and is only two hours from Meherabad.

Date:  Sunday, 11 February 2018

Time of live webcast:  11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

We are now live on the YouTube Channel:

Click here Click here to watch


Nan Umriger, is the author of three books, ‘Sound of Silence, Listening to the Silence, and Beyond the Silence’ all about the experiences of those who have come to Baba through her

‘automatic writing’.  Whenever Nan went to Meherazad, Mehera always wanted Nan to share some of the latest stories

of those who found out about Baba through the automatic writing.

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