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Consciously or unconsciously, directly of indirectly, each and every creature, each and every human being in one form or the other strives to assert individuality. But when eventually man consciously experiences that he is Infinite, Eternal & Indivisible, then he is fully conscious of his individuality as God, and as such experiences Infinite knowledge, Infinite power and Infinite bliss. Thus man becomes God, and is recognized as a Perfect Master, Sadguru or Qutub. To worship this man is to worship God.

When God manifest on earth in the form of man and reveilles His Divinity to mankind, He is recognized as the Avatar – the Messiah the Prophet. Thus God becomes Man.

And so infinite God, age after age throughout all cycles, wills through His Infinite Mercy to effect His presence amidst mankind by stooping down to human level in the human form, but His physical presence amidst mankind not being apprehended, He is looked upon as an ordinary man of the world. When He asserts, however, His Dignity on earth by proclaiming himself the Avatar of the Age, He is worshipped by some who accept him as God and glorified by a few who know him as God on Earth. But in it invariably falls to the lot of the rest of Humanity to condemn Him, while He is physically in their midst.

Thus it is that God as man, proclaiming Himself as the Avatar, suffers Himself to be persecuted and tortured, to be humiliated and condemned by humanity for whose sake His infinite love has made Him stoop so low, in order that humanity, by its very act of condemning God s manifestation in the form of Avatar should however indirectly, assert the existence of God in His infinite eternal state.

The Avatar is always one and the same, because God is always one and the same, the Eternal, indivisible infinite one, who manifest Himself in the form of man as the Avatar, as the Messiah, as the Prophet, as the Ancient One – the Highest of the High. This Eternally one and the same Avatar repeats His Manifestation from time to time in different cycles adopting different human forms and different names, in different places to reveal Truth in different garbs, and different languages, in order to raise humanity from the pit of ignorance and help free it from the bondage of delusions.

Of the most recognized and much worshiped manifestations of God as Avatar, that of Zoroaster is the earliest- having been before Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Thousands of years ago, He gave the world the essence of truth in the form of three fundamental precepts- Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. These Percepts were and are constantly unfolded to humanity in one form or another directly or indirectly in every cycle by the Avatar of the Age, as He leads Humanity imperceptibly towards the Truth. To put these precepts of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds into practice is not as easily done, as it would appear, though it is impossible. But to live up to this precepts honestly and literally is as apparently impossible as it is to practice a living death in the midst of life.

In the world they are countless sadhus, mahatamas, mahapurush, saints, yogis and walis, though the number of genuine ones is very, very limited. The few genuine ones are, according to their spiritual status in a category of their own, which is neither on a level with the ordinary human beings nor on a level with the state of the Highest of the High.

I am neither a mahatama nor a mahapurush, neither a sadhu nor a saint, neither a yogi nor a wali. Those who approach me with the desire to gain wealth or to retain their possessions, those who seek through me relief from distress and sufferings, those who ask my help to fulfill and satisfy mundane desires, to them I once again declare that, as I am not a sadhu, a saint or a mahatama, mahapurush, yogi, to seek these things through me is but to court utter disappointment, though only apparently for eventually this disappointment is itself invariably in bringing about the complete transformation of mundane wants and desires.

The sadhus, saints, yogis, walis and such others who are on the via media, and can do perform miracles and satisfy transient materials needs of individual who approach them for help and relief.

The question therefore arises that if I am not a Sadhu not a Saint not a Yogi, Not a mahapurush, not a Wali, then what am I? The natural assumption that I am either just an ordinary human being, or I am the Highest of the High. But one thing I say definitely, and that is I can never be included amongst those having the intermediary status of the real Sadhus, Saints, Yogi/’s and such others.

Now, if I am just and ordinary man, my capabilities and power are limited – I am no better or different from an ordinary human being. If people take me as such than they should not expect any supernatural help from me in the form of miracles or spiritual guidance; and to approach me to fulfill their desires would also be absolutely futile.

On the other hand, if I am beyond of level of ordinary human being, and much beyond the level of saints and yogis, then I must be the Highest of the High. In which case, to judge me with your human intellect and limited mind and to approach me with the mundane desires would not only be the height of folly but sheer ignorance as well; because no amount of intellectual gymnastics could ever understand my ways or judge my infinite state.

If I am the Highest of the High my Will is Law, My Wish governs the Law and my Love sustains the Universe. Whatever your parent calamities and transient sufferings, they are but the outcome of love for the ultimate good. Therefore, to approach me for deliverance from your predicaments, to expect me to satisfy your worldly desires, would be asking me to do the impossible to undo what I have already ordained.


1st. November 1953, Dehradun

I appreciate the faith, which has brought you here. I also appreciate your love and devotion. It has made me very happy. I know and understand your difficulties and problems, sufferings and expectations. Not only the individuals but the whole world is in the throes of suffering.

When suffering comes, it comes according to the divinely established law of Karma. It must then be accepted with grace and fortitude. But it must be remembered that your action it can be minimized. What humanity needs is spiritual wisdom; and for this, it must inevitably turn to the Perfect Masters and Avatars. Suffering comes through ignorance or attachment to illusions. Most people play with toys. If you get caught up in the ephemeral things of this world and cling to illusory values, suffering is inevitable. It is not easy for little children to give up their toys, for they become the victims of a habit which they cannot undo in the same way, through millions of lives, you have got into the habit of playing with illusions; it is difficult for you to get disentangled from them.

For ages and ages the Atma (soul) has been seeing its own shadow and getting enforced in the illusory world of forms. He gets addicted to the spectacle of his own creation and desires to see it through cycles and cycles of creations. When the soul turns inwards and longs to have self-knowledge, it has become spiritually minded. But even there, this habit of wanting to see more spectacles persists for several lives. The soul wants to experience some miracles or spectacular phenomena, or in more advanced stages, it wants to perform miracles and manipulate phenomena. Even spiritually advanced persons find it difficult to go through this habit of playing with illusions. Persistent attachment to miracles is only a further continuation of the habit of playing with illusions.

It is not miracle, but understanding, which can bring you true freedom if you have firm faith and unflattering love for the God man, your way to the Abiding Truth is clear and safe. Then you have no time to waste in playing with things that do not matter. Be guided by love and truth. This is the simple way that leads to God not by endless maneuvering of alluring illusions, but by loyalty to the unchangeable truth can you hope to be established in abiding peace.

When I speak, it will be only one Divine Word, but it will be the word of words or the Manifestation of truth. This word will have to be hearkened by the heart and not merely by the mind. It will go home to you and bring you the Awakening.

My love and blessings.


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