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[9:15 AM, 7/27/2016] Meher Priya: I shared few incidents sometime ago. Now I want to share a recent one. My younger son 10 months old had severe chest congestion n his oxygen levels dropped down. He couldn’t breath n was admitted in hospital n kept in ICU. We all were heart broken seeing his condition. Doctors said we cant say anything till an other day. N also he is suffering from skin disease called eczema. He always scratches n it bleeds. His shirts r full of blood stains. There is no day I slept without crying. He cries a lot bcoz his skin burns always. We r giving medicines but it takes at least one year doctors said. I prayed Baba everyday n every min whenever he was scratching n crying. In ICU I sat next to my son n did Baba prayer. I imagined tat Baba is sitting on my son’s bed. The next day his condition improved. He is safe. N a miracle is his skin became very soft. No scratches, no marks. His skin is completely fine. He was admitted for lungs problem. His skin also got healed. I cant explain how happy we r all. Baba just removed our problems in just one day. Doctors were surprised looking at his skin. How is it possible !!! Anything is possible if Baba comes to help us. Thank u BABA. We can never imagine a world without u. We r nothing without u. AVATAR MEHER BABA KI JAI
[9:18 AM, 7/27/2016] Meher Priya: Just three days back we came back from hospital. N my son was suffering from skin disease since 8 months..


[12:06 AM, 7/27/2016] Kusum Ji: जय बाबा””
[1:09 AM, 7/27/2016] Kusum Ji: मै वो यादै बताने जा रही हुँ” जो मुझे भी याद नही पर जब वो यादै मेरे स्व”पिता श्री प्रेम नारायन श्रीबास्तब सब को बताया करते थे ओर मेरी माँ बहुत हीभाव बिभोर होकर ये बताया करती थी”जब मै छै महीने की थी ‘तब बाबा का पूना मै सहबासओर दर्शन कासारे जगह के प्रमियौ को बुलाया गया था”उसमै मेरे माँ पिताजी सपरिबार गये थे”उसमै मेरे बड़े भाई बृजेन्द्र मेहेरबहिन मेहेरउषा भाई राजेन्द्र मेहेर ओर मै गोद मै”माँ बताती थी ये दर्शन बाबा ने गुरूप्रासाद मै दिये थे”बहा पहुच कर सब लोग बहाँ बगीचे मै बैठ गये”दर्शन मै समय था”ओर मुझे बही नीचे छोड़ सुला दिया”थोड़ीसमय मै बताया गया बाबा अ। चूके है”दर्शन शुरू हो रहे है”सब अन्दर चलो”ये सुन कर माँ सब भाई बहिन को लेकर पिताजी के साथ अन्दर अ। गई वो दर्शन के लिये अपने साथ थाली अ।रती छोटा ग्लास ये साथ मै लायी थी की बाबा की अ।रती करैगे प्रसाद लगायेगे”पर वो बताती थी जैसे ही बाबा के सामने पहुँचे हम सब भुल गये ओर अारती की थाली उनके हाथ मै ओर वो बसुध सी होकर बाबा को देखती रही उन्है कुछ याद नही”सब प्रेमी बैठ गये बाताते है”बाबा सब से पुछते थे सफर कैसा रहा कोई परेशानी तो नही हुई’ किसी की कोई चीज खोई तो नही”सबने बताया नही बाबा फि बाबा ने मंडली जन से माँ ओर पिताजी से पुछने को कहा सब ठीक है”माँ पिताजी ने कहा हा बाबा इशारा किया बच्चे सब ठीक है” वो बोले हा बाबा फिर बाबा ने मंडली जन को इशारे से कुछ कहा”मंडली जन बाहर गये बहा से बच्ची को लेकर अाये मैबहा बहार ही बगीचे मै लेटी थी”बाबाने मंडली जन से लेकर मुझे गोदी मै बिठाया फिर चुटकी बजा कर पुछते है ये बच्ची किसकी है”तब भी माँ पिताजी को होश नही अाया वोतो बाबा मै खो गये थे फिर बाबा के कहने पर मंडलीजन ने माँ को हिलाया ओर बाबा बार बार चुटकी बजा कर मुझे खिला रहे थे ओरमाँ से पूछ रहे थे ये बच्ची तुम्हारी है”तब माँ जैसे नीद से जागी ओर जोर से बोली अरे ये तो कुसुम है”बाबा की गोद मै”इस तरह मुझे ये सोभाग्य मिला जो बाबा की असीम कृपा रही”जिस बर्तनौ से बाबा की माँपिताजी ने अ।रती कीथी वो अ।ज भीीिी
[1:10 AM, 7/27/2016] Kusum Ji: संभाल कर रखै हुये है”””””जय मेहेर बाबा की”””

[11:49 PM, 7/17/2016] Meher Priya: Jai Baba everyone. Today will pen down one incident related to my uncle Mr. Murthy( mother’s elder brother). Uncle was travelling to Pune on an official work. Meherabad is very close to Pune. So he somehow wanted to visit Meherabad. He had many meetings but still he wanted to have samadhi Darshan n he prayed Baba to give him a chance to have samadhi darshan. He started his journey to Pune by train. His co passenger n uncle started talking to each other n they became very close in a very short time just like happening in movies😃 train stopped in some station n tat man said uncle tat he will bring lunch for both. Just take care of the luggage. Uncle trusted him n said ok. He bought poori bhaji. Both started eating n in bhaji uncle noticed something which was whitish n thick. He tasted it but it was tasteless. Later on he lost his consciousness. After few hours uncle woke up n to his surprise he saw Baba photo n nobody cant expect this he was in D hostel. He was shocked. His luggage was safe. He had cash in his bag. Even tat was safe. How cab this happen? I was in train eating poori bhaji n how did I reach meherabad??? He didn’t remember anything. He slowly woke up n enquired. Ppl around told him tat some unknown person dropped him in d hostel. Uncle had tears in his eyes. Uncle realised tat its Baba who came as a stranger n dropped him there bcoz my uncle wanted to have Darshan. He prayed wholeheartedly n thus Baba responds. Later on he went to doctor n explained the situation. Doctor checked n after his diagnosis report says it was poison mixed in food. Uncle realised tat co passenger mixed poison in bhaji. But fortunately uncle has a habit of eating food very fast. So tat poison didn’t dissolve completely. The thick whitish tasteless thing which he tasted was the poison. Himself, his luggage, office cash everything was safe. He had Darshan n he was continuously emotional more than a week. How much caring n loving our beloved is !!!! He sincerely wished to have Darshan n Baba answers. Jai Baba 🙏
[11:49 PM, 7/17/2016] Meher Priya: Avatar Meher Baba Ki jai

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