Meher baba

Who is Meher Baba
Avatar Meher Baba was born at sasoon General hospital, Pune, Maharastra, on 25th feb 1894.He was born to an Irani who had been a true seeker of God since a very young age.
The five Perfect Masters of that time-
Hazrat Babajaan
Upasni Maharaj
Narayan Maharaj \
Shirdi Sai Baba
Tajuddin Baba
These five perfect masters gave enlightment to meher Baba .Hazrat Babajaan of Pune, kissed him on his forehead in 1913, and awakened him to his true identity . Thus He came to know about His spiritual work on earth.Sai Baba of Shirdi recognised His God-hood and declared Him as Parvardigar:
Upasni Maharaj of Sakori performed HIs aarti and acknowledged Him as Aadi-Shakti ;
Narayan Maharaj of kedgaon and Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur also accepted His Avataar Hood;
It were the perfect Masters or sadgurus of that time who brought Him down from His formless being into human form i.e.God Man
After Meher Baba was awakened to his true identity ,He remained secluded in a room at His residence in Pune for quite some time.He walked out one day,forever.
Meher Baba declared that He was the same Ancient one, who had incarnated in the past as Zarathustra,Rama,Krishna,Buddha,Jesus and Mohammed and now had once again descendedupon the earth to awaken the humanity from ignorance

excerpt from My Journey to- The Avatar