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Objective is inform  about Meher Baba’s  visits during New life in Dehradun and near by places in Uttarakhand  (India) from the  beginning of 1951  .

Our motive ,to inform and post  the functions or  celebrations Anniversaries held  anywhere in World and   any  important Information  to share from  the  other centers and Meherabad.

AVTAR MEHER BABA said DEHRADUN as his ” Meher Vrindavan”

MEHER BABA came to Dehradun in 1953 , He gave First public darshan at 101 Rajpur Road in Dehradun.

Meher Baba visited places in Dehradun , Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Meher Baba Places in Dehradun:

Meher Dham, 105 Rajpur Road,Behind RTO Office


Meher prasad , 74 Rajpur Road,Behind Hotel Great Value


Meher Maafi, Mohkampur